Non formal and informal

AVE Assessing voluntary experience Pilot project in the framework of the programme Leonardo da Vinci 2005, in francese VAEB Valorisation des acquis de l’expérience bénévole

Animafac. Volunteering and skills:  savoir valoriser ses compétences associatives   2009-13

INFORMEDU Il riconoscimento e la validazione dell’apprendimento informale e non formale nel sistema dell’istruzione 2011-13

KODE – NQF  ‘Riconoscimento e validazione delle competenze non formali ed informali nel contest dei Quadri Nazionali delle Qualifiche‘ ( sistema KODE®,  paesi partner: Germania, Italia e Polonia).

Raccomandazione del Consiglio Europeo  sulla convalida dell’apprendimento non formale e informale, 20 dicembre 2012

Modello operativo per effettuare la individuazione, messa in trasparenza e validazione delle competenze acquisite in Servizio Civile per i progetti in Garanzia Giovani Decreto legislativo 16 gennaio 2013 , n. 13

Isfol  Certificazione delle Competenze

ValidVol Validazione dell’apprendimento formale ed informale acquisito nell’ambito dell’attività di volontariato. ( 2015 )

Volunteering Validation Highway L’uso dei social media (Facebook, linkedIN etc.) e di altri strumenti online (e.g. learning platforms) per il riconoscimento e la validazione delle competenze.

Individuazione, validazione e certificazione delle competenze  Decreto-Interministeriale-30-giugno-2015,  e Validazione e certificazione delle competenze: dal dibattito al sistema; intervento di Giusi Montalbano e di Elisabetta Perulli ISFOL – Firenze 8 settembre 2016

Linee guida europee per la convalida dell’apprendimento non formale e informale” redatte dal CEDEFOP 2016

Il progetto OER-REVEAL 2: Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning

Destination e-validation for volunteers. The aim of this project is visualization, documentation and recognition of acquired competences in the field of volunteering and developing an online tool for validation of volunteering competences.

Lever Project Modelling informal learning and transversal competences in the voluntary service experience to increase employment and mobility of citizens. SEGNALED BY POLISH PARTNER Era Ewaluacji

Reconoce. The main objective of the  project is to articulate a national network of organizations that promote the recognition of the skills and abilities obtained through voluntary action to improve the employability of young people SEGNALED BY SPANISH PARTNERS Docete omnes and Cybervoluntarios

Yote This project was born to improve the abilities and the employability of the students near to entry in the labor market. The methodology of this “on-line course” about key skills and European mobilities  combines a theoretical part with a practical exercise to acquire a thorough knowledge of the key competence SEGNALED BY SPANISH PARTNERS Docete omnes and Cybervoluntarios

Vol+   is a certification program of the skills acquired while volunteering, in order to promote, among other things, improvement of employability of volunteers. SEGNALED BY SPANISH PARTNERS Docete omnes and Cybervoluntarios

Le Passeport Bénévole: The association called « France bénévolat » created a document for the « benevoles » to valorize their experience, and to allow to validate it, by being a tool to facilitate the VAE. SEGNALED BY FRENCH PARTNERS CEMEA