The headquarter is located in the center of Rome near Piazza Campo de Fiori and Piazza Navona ( 217, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II )

Here there are the headmaster’s office and administrative office.
The headmaster runs and coordinates all the activities which are performed in the associate headquarters.

CPIA ‘s school activities are in town halls ( Municipi ) XI, XII, XIII, XIV an XV.

Associate headquarters are hosted inside lower secondary school ( Istituto Comprensivo ) buildings:

Municipalities XI and XII, at 120, Affogalasino street, C/o I.C. Antonio Gramsci,

Municipality XIII. ,at 64 Ennio Bonifazi street, C/o I.C.Maria Capozzi

Municipality XIV.at at 150 di Nazareth, street C/o I.I.S. Einstein-Bachelet

Municipality XV at 78 Sesto Miglio street, C/o I.C. Vibio Mariano.

Prison brunch, at 140  Via Barellai Giuseppe, C/o Casal Del Marmo

Prison brunch, at 29  Via Della Lungara, C/o Regina Coeli

Second level courses, related to activities common to all addresses of the technical and professional schools, are connected to middle schools, wherein all its activities take place.

ITIS “Fermi” at 8737 Via Trionfale

ITIS “ Einstein” at 237 Via Pasquale II

ITC “Bachelet” at 150 Via di Nazareth

IIS “Caffè” at 86 Via di Villa Pamphili

IIPSSS “De Amicis” at 6 Via Galvani

ITT “Colombo” at 255 Via Panisperna

Ipsia “Cattaneo” at 32 Lungotevere Testaccio